Monday, 14 April 2014

Gratitude 365 : Day2 : Courage and Reselience

Ok, I am not the boldest person on earth, in fact I am closer to be the most scared person than bold yet I am grateful for the courage that I have been blessed with. When my friend told me today on how she appreciates the fact that in-spite of all the not so pleasant things in my life, I have boldly moved forward without letting my falling personal life affect the other aspects of my life, it was quite a revelation. Come to think of it, I have handled them all courageously :) I have continued with my job (even during the 1 year of therapy), kept in touch with friends, had a normal social life, learnt new things. And I always taught courage was about not getting scared of cockroaches and cats and dogs, of bungee jumping and stuff. Well I might not be able to do any of it, at least not yet but I have been able to face the toughest adversity of my life boldly and cheerfully. So here I am today thanking God and everyone who's been a part of life for making me realize what a huge gift I have - The gift of courage and resilience. Life may not always be smooth sailing but with courage I can definitely sail ashore.
So life, bring it on!!!

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