Thursday, 10 April 2014

Gratitude 365 : Day1 : Patience

I am starting a new everyday ritual from today. I am going to focus on one gift that I am grateful for every single day and write about it here and I invite you to write the same. They say writing reinforces the belief so go ahead and let the world know of the wonderful gifts that you have received!!

I am grateful for the patience that God has given me. I have been through some really bad and very bad times in the past, yet I have found the patience to hold on. Every single day, I tell myself I only I can get through this day today, there will be a new tomorrow waiting for me. It is not easy, there are times when I feel like giving up everything and yet I have held on - patiently waiting for times that will make all this pain worth surviving. So yes, I think patience is my biggest gift and I am thankful for it.

Good Day!!


  1. great initiative.. I am grateful for being able to have three fulfilling meals a day .. :)

    1. Food, clothing and shelter - our basic needs yet o under rated. On my list too :)