Sunday, 20 October 2013

Poem of Abuse

Of use and abuse,
Of pain and hope,
My marriage is a story 
Of things gone awry.
Dreamy eyed yet practical,
Our match was quite a mismatch 
Tough i thought but impossible it turned.
Vows were broken, dreams were shattered
I cringed, I cried.
He vowed to protect me, cherish me, honor me,
Yet all he did was use me, abuse me and cripple me 
Like shards of glasses lying on the floor,
My hope was lying too. Curdled n sour. 
Little had I realized that my dearest dream, 
The most dreaded nightmare it had turned.
I was empty, I was hollow,
Yet only thing that sunk in was sorrow.
There were no hands to wipe my tears, 
There was no shoulder where my worries could rest,
A bolder person, a determined person was all that was left.
With courage I move on,
With conviction I move on,
I may have lost the battle,
But victory I shall regain.

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